Good performance of anti-skid conveyor belt in car-assembly plant.After installed HONGSBELT® HS-1800 series anti-skid conveyor belt, a car-assembly plant fully eliminated ankle and foot injuries caused by skidding. Adoption of HONGSBELT® conveyor belt solutions can also solve contact stress problem, thus reducing back tension and unnatural joint posture.What’s more, HONGSBELT® anti-skid conveyor belt shows superior quality and durability in moving platform. Compared with HONGSBELT® solution, the cost of some factories which assemble rubber belt for small(5feet/127mm) moving platform is 50% higher every year. For these factories, it would save much belt maintenance cost
We, HONGSBELT, have been proving our high-quality and innovation through constantly introduction of new materials . After successful cooperation with our customers, we have developed a large number of optional belt solutions for tire manufacturing. Due to obvious advantages compared to traditional conveyor belt, after eliminating a lot of after-sale service&security risks, we have largely invested in the development of modular conveyor belt. Now HONGSBELT offers thousand types of smart modular belt of different material and color, which can run through every process of tire manufacturing.
Developing so far, tire manufacturing line has been using PVC belt, rubber belt, roller, metal conveying to meet end-user’s needs--to replace manual work by machine,at that time, market was pushed by application. Later, with the force of capacity, automation, from individual process manufacturing, developed to the whole line reform. As for the increasing of capacity, market supply and demand gradually achieved a balance, cost control becomes the primary factor in competition, end customers all concern how to control the product quality. Thus high-quality modular plastic conveyor system was introduced to tire manufacturing line, which solved all kinds of problem occurred before. Smart d
HONGSBELT modular plastic belt used in airport for luggage transporting.
HS-2000A modular flat top turning conveyor, independently researched and developed by HONGSBELT, is Chinese patented product. Designed by modular belt structure and driven by sprocket, it avoids the disadvantage of skidding, can keep the most stable operation during conveying process. HS-2000A modular flat top turning conveyor belt adopts hexagon bore 41.5mm as driving sprocket and uses the corresponding standard hexagon 41mm steel material axis. Except for the easy access of raw material and easy processing, it also solves the floating effect arising from the string movement of square axis used by normal modular belt, thus ensuring more stable operation.
We can see HONGSBELT products here and there, including warehousing and distribution. 1500 kinds of solutions can be provided for our customers.
When corrugated manufacturers and OEMs choose to work with HONGSBELT, they increase their productivity, reduce costs and improve worker safety.HONGSBELT HS-1800E,with molded width, is usedtopaper roll transport. Contact with HONG's sales team to get more professional information.
Most traditional conveyor system still adopt roller conveyor line for corrugated paper and cardboard industry, which is the combination of roller and roller conveyor chain plate.The problem that appears:The conveyor system can cause production losses and material wastes of non-renewable resources.Besides, , when the operator tries to stand or cross the static and moving roller, accidents occurs easily, which is very dangerous.Plastic modular belt is smart, safe, stable, of high qualified rate, whic is an inevitable trend to replace traditional roller.
With HONGSBELT complete conveying solution, the newest generation corrugated cardboard conveying system can satisfy the highest quality requirements for corrugated production, including storing, loading, conveying of different units, from the middle storage to the final production workshop.Realize the most accurate corrugated cardboard conveying, the direction and position of stack can be rightly changed. The transfer car and moving conveying provide a smooth delivery in individual conveying. If flowing needed, the stack can be sent to any direction by the rotary disc.HONGSBELT modular plastic conveyor belt, all for improving productivity, safety and efficiency in corrugated cardboard indust
Car washing channelBy replacing the complex components like entrance corrector, guide rail and chains with HONGSBELT® smooth, continuous conveyor belt, car washing industry can significantly improve personnel safety and reduce car damaging accident. High-quality HONGSBELT® conveyor belt enables car washing operators to save time and money through standardized process. By reducing risk and improve employee safety, they can also decrease insurance costs.A, Protect car from unnecessary damage--Those car washes which equipped with HONGSBELT® conveyor belt allow customers’ car to drive directly onto the conveyor belt instead of aligning in the complex correction, thus avoiding d
Fast MaintenanceDuring rapid maintenance application, car drive directly onto HONGSBELT® conveyor belt, maintenance people can safely finish all work before the end of the belt. Automotive processes can increase operator productivity and reduce customer complaints. Customers can enjoy the excellent stability brought by automotive process, at the same time get a full set of quality services.
HONGSBELT® modular plastic conveyor belt is widely used inmeat product processing factory that produced for exporting. It adopted HONGSBELT® modular belts in all transporting procedure. The series products of HONGSBELT® have passed FDA certification. Its simple design made the belt easy to install, dismantle and clean. All the food that contact with belt is able to get the greatest guarantee of security hygiene.According to the strict request with food hygiene, all series products of HONGSBELT® can add antibiotic in additional. Before adding antibiotic the quantity of colon bacillus and gold staphylococcus in HONGSBELT® PE material is about 0.125 times of that in PVC conv
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