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Frequently Asked Questions


Here we provide the answers to many of the problems encountered in the process of promotion.

If you can not find the answer to your question, or want to discuss your problems for a particular purpose, please contact our industry experts.


Technical problems

I do not know the belt type I currently use, Can you help me confirm it?

Are HONGSBELT® products in accordance with FDA regulations?

Does HONGSBELT® sprocket can match with my shaft or not?

Can we use HONGSBELT® Modular Conveyor belt in corrosive environment?

What is the temperature range for the belt material?

Can HONGSBELT® provide the CAD files of products?

What are the causes for the distortion of rods? How to solve this problem?

What is the real meaning of the belt strength?                   

How to calculate total belt length?

How to measure belt pitch?

How to make HONGSBELT® conveyor belts running in the best way?


Transportation and delivery time

How long is your delivery time?

How is the status of my order?

How long will it take me to get quotation?

Can you send the conveyor belts under my order to other places in different country or region, but still show our address in consignment note?



Contact us

What is your email address?

What are your Phone / Fax Number?

Who shall provides us the following services in HONGSBELT®: Business information, technical support, product information, requests a quotation or put order? Do you have a dealer in our local market?

Can someone come to my factory?

What should I do if I have an emergency?

Where is your office?

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